The kings of Spain and Portugal, Alfonso XIII and Manuel II.


A cute candid footage of Dowager queen Alexandra of Great Britain and King Dom Manuel II with british Soldiers. Mids - late 1910s.


Portugal and nyo!France.

Collaboration with Trevo, look how beautiful they are together! And yes, we know what ‘baise-moi’ means~

Anonymous asked: E pronto! Terminei XD Desculpa mas é que eu sou uma history geek e quis apontar estas pequenas incoerências. Mas what do I know? Só estou no 7º ano O^O Btw, amei o post!! Esclareceu-me um pouco quanto à confusão das especiarias e da União Ibérica! *pat pat* Thankies! >3<

Ah desculpa, não sei se me mandaste alguma mensagem antes desta, mas não tenho bem a certeza do que te estás a referir, porque eu não recebi mais nada ovo;;

Anonymous asked: Hello hello trevo! Just going to drop by and say what an amazing artist you are! I hope you don't mind me using some of your pics for my Port's rP account- of course I'll give full credit so thank you~ u3u

Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you think so /w\ Feel free to use the images for your rp blog however you like!


No additional notes needed on this guy because he should be fairly recognizable. Drawing BGM is two different compositions of Ode to Joy! Peace | War One of my favourite themes in CIV V!
This kind of shading makes Gilbird on the head thing looks extremely wacky, but why not.



Natasha & Toris



Jawdropping velvet and gold leather button boots.

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say you're AUs are cute, you're cute and you got me into NedPort u deserve all the smooches. *smooches your face*


asjhgs thank you so much //w\ I’m really happy you think so!!! And that NedPort has more fans, that’s always awesome to hear. Thank you!!!!


//Uncle ned somehow ends up in a tutu, covered in makeup, and sitting in a far-too-small seat having a tea party. His eyes say murder but his look says diva




Yeah Lovi I agree, you should get Spain and Port to supervise