Oh god these two…



Anonymous asked: about your fyi, may i use one of your drawings as my sidebar picture as it was unclear about your policy on that. i'd credit you of course

Yes! You can use it as sidebar/icon, whatever. The credit is very appreciated.

Another doodle I thought was too sad for the previous post - Regicide.


SpaPort dump

idk if I’ve posted these already but eh it doesn’t hurt seeing them again

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Evolution of Portugal

Suebi - Independence - Age of Discovery - 16th/17th century - Napoleonic Invasions (dressed as an army Caçador/Hunter) - Republic - WWI - Estado Novo Regime - 25th April 1974 - Current Day


I find your lack of FraBel disturbing

apirateslifeistheoneforme asked: You are amazing❤️ Can you please draw 2 pairs for me? 2pAmerica x 1pEngland & Portugal x Netherlands please? Arigatou!



I drew this before.[2pAmerica x 1pEngland]
Is this okay?

Wonder Bar, 1934

Anonymous asked: Aceptas prompts? SpaPort plis~


¡Pues claro! Pero no me has dado ningún prompt así que lo he escogido yo de mi AU, ojalá no te importe nonnie. Y espero que te guste♥ :)

Pareja: SpaPort.

Notas: Pizza AU. Nombres humanos. Es su primera noche juntos y Antonio tiene mucha hambre. La abuela cocina maravillas y parece que los grandes momentos de su relación están marcados por comida.

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