because trevo was like “Mikisugi is totally Port” and I was like “Kinagase is totally Ned” and you know what, they totally are

Anonymous asked: you tagged a post with aph vietnam but I think that green shirt curly hair person is Spain, just saying

Hello. It seems to me like a girl, with black hair, wearing green like Vietnam usually does. The flag also looks like Vietnam’s flag.

So I still think it’s her, unless the artist states otherwise.



aph germany: were having a meeting on 4/20

aph france: bruh

aph italy: bruh

aph japan: bruh



Everyone’s favourite Dutchman


day3 - Gaming


Relaxing anatomy practice doodle, away from trying to make faces look good.

I really love this pairing. Obligatory protective bro Netherlands because I find the trio’s dynamics to be cute. D-Don’t ask me what kind of dog that is because I can’t draw retrievers from memory.


Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh, India by Howard Somerville


Girls Party

Anonymous asked: Hi Trevo! Can I ask you something about that complex tattoo you drew on Port's back some time ago? It's beautiful and I was wondering how you did it! Did you use some reference, by any change? Thank you very much! Ps. You're so cool, btw! >u</

Hello! I can’t remember very well, but no doubt I looked references up. I could never draw that without help. There must be an identical compass on google images somewhere!

Anonymous asked: special delivery of smooches for a cutie

Thank you dear ~~~<3