=D Happy Halloween!!! I drew the tomato gang as characters from my favourite B zombie movies! Click 'read more' to find out who they are supposed to be, since I don’t want to flood the description with a wall of text!



Netherlands is Ash from “Evil Dead”, inspired by this scene.In my head, that whole movie was just a really bad acid trip for Neddy boy. Seriously watch some scenes, like the Ash vs zombie hand one. 

Bels is Cherry from the fairly recent “Planet Terror”. You know, I drew Ned with a chainsaw for a hand, why not get her a machinegun for a leg huh? Runs in the family.

Romano HAD to be from “Braindead” because that’s like, my all time zombie movie because it’s so ridiculous and disgusting. Plus, how can one compete with a machine gun leg or a chainsaw hand??? With a lawn mower, of course!!! Best way to cut zombies into yucky little bits!

And Spain. He gets another great classic that haunted my childhood, “Attaaaaaaaaack of the killer tomatoeeees” because my brothers used to warn me about killer tomatoes that would roll over the kitchen counter and KILL YOU.  Seriously come on, PERFECT MOVIE for Tonio! (And there goes the badass zombie theme I had going on, and of course, Antonio had to be the one to ruin it.) Here’s the trailer!



And Portugal? Well, Portugal doesn’t get a canon design, but s/he’s a fellow European tomato lover, isn’t s/he? S/He just arrives to the scene wearing a strategically face and body concealing costume, and wonders what the fuck is happening until s/he figures out Ned forgot to open the windows while trying out his new stash, and they were all severely exposed to some pretty strong drugs.

ALSO, I’d like to wish PaellaMagica a very happy (and spooky!) birthday! I hope you get lots of treats and all the fun stuff!

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